#66 - From Debunked to Rebunked with Scott Armstrong

March 09, 2022 01:38:45
#66 - From Debunked to Rebunked with Scott Armstrong
False Reality Check
#66 - From Debunked to Rebunked with Scott Armstrong

Mar 09 2022 | 01:38:45


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Leggs Buffalo

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Last time we spoke with Scott with back when we first started this podcast and he was with Truthzilla. Scott has since started his own project, Rebunked. He tells us about the transition and what lies ahead in the future. We catch up and pick our favorite conspiracy that has come true.


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Oasis - Don’t Look Back in Anger



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Opening Music: AERØHEAD - The Reckoning

Closing Music: Mezhdunami - Uncut gems

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